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  • Crossed Wires and Verbal Scheduling

    I am having so many issues in this area, it’s not even funny. Having all these miscommunications come to light on the same day? I’m not sure if that’s a blessing (because I could get them all dealt with at once) or a curse.

    Some days I don’t know why my mom even has a cell phone, but that’s not the whole issue. The larger part of it is that the two of us have the most anti-social telephone habits when it comes to talking to each other that is only exacerbated by cell service that is, to put it lightly, shoddy. Here’s how it typically goes: she calls my phone and leaves me a voicemail because for some reason, calls from her phone to mine don’t go through (she’s no the only one who can’t call me; I’ve had this issue more than a few times.) I listen to said voicemail, but because I a) don’t like calling anyone at the best of times and b) am probably doing something else with friends, I send her a text message in return. For whatever reason, she is able to receive my texts, but I can’t receive hers (I don’t have this issue with anyone else) so I don’t expect a reply.

    So, Saturday night she left a message saying that she’ll be heading to church early, so if I’m getting a ride I should be at the station early. I sent back a text saying I’d be there, and left it at that. Sunday morning I was running a bit late, but thought nothing of it since I told her I’d be there. After about 15 minutes, I started to worry about where she was. I called her cell, but not only did I get no answer, I got a ‘customer unavailable’ message. Ok, no big deal, it could be that she was running late, too. Around the half hour mark, I tried again. Same result.

    About twenty minutes before the service was going to start, she still hadn’t shown up. What I did have however, was a bus headed in the right direction. Giving up on the ride, I took the bus to church instead.

    It turns out that my mom’s phone had died the day before, and she’d left her charger at work. She didn’t get my message. When she didn’t see me waiting, she thought I had decided not to go this week, and went ahead on her own. This also explains why I couldn’t get a hold of her on her phone to ask, “Um, where the hell are you?” So much for that system.

    Later that day, my sister had joined us and we were having a nice, relatively drama-free family dinner. When my mom asked me, “Do you need a ride to Edmonton this weekend?” my response was, “There’s something happening this weekend?”

    It was my grandma’s birthday, as it turns out. Everyone swore that not only had I been told about this, but that I had written it down. I swore that I had no idea what they were talking about. Looking at my phone confirmed both our stories: I had Grandma’s birth date marked, falling in the middle of the week I might add, but not the birthday celebration that everyone was talking about. So maybe I had been told. I just hadn’t parsed the right part of the information. After a certain amount of ranting(whining) and charging my family members to check what I’m putting in my phone next time we’re scheduling something like this, I made travel arrangements with my mom (and made sure I got it all down properly.)

    Not that I’m the only one not parsing all this verbal scheduling; my sister swears I didn’t tell her I wanted to go to her convocation while I’m certain that yes, in fact, I did. Come to think of it, I should probably make sure we’re still on the same page there, shouldn’t I?