Self-Imposed Research Projects

This is one of the odd things about being a writer. I am now doing something, voluntarily, that I thought I’d left behind when I left college: research.

Apparently, being a a writer means research. Apparently, I’m finding myself once again at a table in the library huddled over several large tomes, making notes and taking down page numbers. The only difference between this and any given college paper, is that no one else gave me this assignment. The whole thing is my idea. I’m beginning to think I’ve gone mad.

Don’t get me wrong. Despite never having finished, I really enjoyed college, and the day I stop learning is the day I die. It’s just that the reason I never finished was the bloody research projects. Three years in, and I was still trying to get past first year art history, but every time I went to write a new paper my brain went: bored now.

Of course, that’s the difference, isn’t it? And even when I am interested in the subject, which I almost always am anyway, I’m not necessarily interested in the format I’m expected to deliver it in. Let’s face it, I’m always going to be more interested in learning something for my own benefit than I would be in order to make the grade.

So I’m delving back into the books, going wherever my errant mind will wander. Wish me luck!

6 Responses to Self-Imposed Research Projects

  1. It’s funny how a lot of the things you hated doing during college are the things you miss about it after college.

    I like doing self imposed research… because I only assign myself topics I like.

    • Avatar EricSatchwill
      EricSatchwill says:

      Exactly! Though my current collection for books has me… well, concerned isn’t really the right word, but puzzled at the least.

      One thing I am glad for with all those college papers, is that now I know HOW to do research. Otherwise, I’d be at a loss.

  2. Well if you’re crazy then I’m crazy…oh wait…okay, well I guess it’s safe to assume that ANYONE who decides to put themselves through the chore of trying to become an author should be given the label ‘crazy’. But that’s just my thoughts.

    P.S. When I finally write something that requires research, we can have research parties!! Maybe even bring suckers ^.~

  3. One of the things I liked least about university was research and writing essays but yet I kind of miss it and sometimes I just think about undergoing these personal projects to research and write about.

    I find writing the essays kind of forces what I say to sound so stupid and stilted though.

    • Avatar EricSatchwill
      EricSatchwill says:

      I know what you mean. At times, somewhere between learning about it and interpreting it, it gets to feel forced. One of the best things about the self-imposed approach is choosing the format. If I’d rather just use it in a novel or a short story, well, that’s up to me.