Freelance Editing


I’m officially open to editing clients. I’ll work on fiction of any length from short stories to novels. My specialty isĀ genre fiction, fantasy and sci-fi in particular, but I’m open to any project that sounds interesting.

Stories with queer and gender diverse themes and characters will benefit from my personal experience in these areas, likewise with mental illness and neurodiverse themes and characters. I welcome stories by and about people of colour and am committed to working with you to ensure my experiences don’t override the authenticity of your work.

My rates are as follows:

Copy Editing: $30CND/2500 words

Substantive Editing: $45CND/2500 words

Substantive and Copy Editing: $50CND/2500 words

Sensitivity Reading/Consulting for Queer, Trans(masculine), Non-Binary, Autistic, ADHD, Depressed, or Anxious Characters: starting at $30CND


Please email eric@ericsatchwill for a quote.

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